Nelssa one of our bed bug detection k9 and was adopted from Motley Zoo Animal Rescue when she was two years old. Because of her high prey drive, we think she has some Rat Terrier in her. Nelssa is always ready to work and if we do not find her something to do, she will go hunt by herself. This little dog has so much energy that Marina takes her running on trials four to five times per week.  

  Our Dogs


‚ÄčAki is an eight years old German Shepherd born in Holland. He came from a working line. He has been with Marina since he was ten months old. Marina trained and certified him in SAR (search and rescue), personal protection, and in drug detection. Aki is a sweet dog who loves everyone and is always ready to work. 


Bitxo is a six months old Jack Russell. He has already started his bed bug detection training and is off and "smelling". Because he is a puppy his training sessions are short and fun!