School Drug Detection K9 Services

Sirius K9 has the ability to design a program that will fit a school’s budget and needs. Canine searches are initiated as a preventive deterrent and offer the      school administration a proactive tool to assist in providing an environment free of drugs. The presence of narcotic detection canines combined with random,    unannounced visits and the awareness of possible future canine searches leads to an improved school climate. The goal of canine searches is not to "catch" those violating the school’s standards but rather to send a compelling message that the school will not accept the presence of drugs on the school grounds.

Sirius K9 is not affiliated with any law enforcement or other government agencies.  Canine searches are 100% confidential, and we do not have an obligation to report the findings of narcotics to the police. Our services allow the school officials to make informed decisions and take action through the means they see fit, which may include counseling, education, discipline, parental involvement, or medical and law enforcement referral.

Sirius K9 canine searches may inspect lockers, gym areas, vehicles, vacated classrooms, and the perimeters of the school's property as requested. Common uses for narcotic canine searches include dance/proms, pre-field trips, assemblies, graduations, and athletic events.

Conducting searches with Sirius K9 does not indicate your school has an unusual amount of drugs on the school grounds. Instead, it demonstrates the willingness of the school officials to remain proactive in their efforts to safeguard the safety and security of the students and the school.

If your school is interested in starting a detection program, we will meet with your school officials and discuss the specific needs, provide canine demonstrations, and attend any required school board meetings to answer questions. If requested we will also provide demonstrative and informational programs for parents, students, and school employees.



K9 Detection Services 

Obedience Training
Sirius K9’s professional and certified trainer provides a variety of pet obedience training services. Our trainer has a proven track record of getting results with even the most serious and intense dogs. Shy, timid and aggressive dogs pose their own challenges.  We offer free evaluation services to be able to present you with the best training option for you and your pet.
Private lessons: This option is usually for dogs that have a defined behavioral problem, an obedience issue or a need for fine-tuning that does not require a full-length course. Behavioral problems are definite, and they are already developed. Our private lessons can help to determine an appropriate course of action for you and your dog. The private lessons can be done either at home or in another location, depending on the dog’s needs.
Here are some examples of behavioral issues that we address: Pulling on Leash, Jumping, Fears/Phobias, Counter-Surfing, Hyperactivity, Off-Leash issues, Reactions Toward Dogs or People, Aggression, and Shyness.
Board & Train Program: In our inboard program, the dog will live at the trainer’s home and receive a customized training program. Your dog will be trained in real-life situations, with real-life distractions. Your dog will be in a safe, supervised environment where its behavior is consistently monitored. Crates or gates, positioned at the doorways, separate the dogs while they rest and eat. Features of this program are daily walks in town, parks or wooded trails, indoor or fenced area play times, visits to pet-friendly establishments. There is a limit of two dogs per month, so your dog will properly learn to follow commands, based on your specific training goals.



Commercial drug detection k9 services
Sirius K9 provides private, reliable drug detection searches at businesses, offices, factories, and warehouses. The use of drugs can dramatically impact a company’s productivity and cause problems, ranging from absenteeism, theft and low employee morale or injuries. Sirius K9 services are discreet and ensure a drug-free workplace. We provide random searches that limit intrusiveness and have little effect on the daily activities of employees. Because we are not affiliated with any law enforcement or government agency, if drugs are detected, the handler will point to the specific location. This allows the business management team to make the decision on how to handle the situation in compliance with the company policy.

If you would like more information or have questions, please feel free to contact us. Sirius K9 will customize a program to meet your business needs.

Residential Drug Detection K9 Services

Sirius K9 is equipped to provide confidential residential K9 drug detection searches. Use of drugs can begin at a very young age. As a parent, you may be worried about how to verify your suspicions of a child using and hiding drugs in your home. Parents have a better chance of assisting their child with professional help if drug use is caught early. Using our narcotic detection canines is a private way to discreetly detect the presence of drugs in your home. Because our services are private, we are not required to report our findings to the police. This allows the parent the opportunity to control and handle the situation. Sirius K9 will schedule a canine search at the client’s convenience. The team will arrive at the residency with an unmarked vehicle.

If you would like more information and have questions, please feel free to contact us. Sirius K9 will develop a search that is suitable for you.

Bed Bugs 

Bed Bug Detection K9 Services 

Sirius K9 provides meticulous, residential and commercial K9 bed bug detection inspections. K9 bed bug inspections are the fastest and one of the most effective bed bug detection tools available. Our bed bug detection services are confidential and professional. Our K9’s are owned and trained by their handlers. We use strict standards when training our dogs. A minimum of 600 hours training occurs prior to any canine certifications for use in the field. All dogs have proven their ability to detect a small number of bed bugs (one to two) behind electrical sockets and walls, in fixed headboards, in electrical appliances, and under carpets or rugs. Through our targeted detection of bed bug activity, we will assist you in identifying the sites of infestations and minimize the number of rooms that require treatment. Sirius K9 handler teams are accredited by NESDCA (National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association). Bed bugs can infest anything—from five-star hotels and cruise ships to nursing homes and campuses.

If you would like more information or have questions, please feel free to contact us. Sirius K9 will customize a program to meet your business needs.


Obedience Training

Service Dog Training
Sirius K9 understands the important bond between humans and dogs. We believe that individuals with disabilities should remain as independent as possible. We also understand the important bond between humans and dogs.  Our goal is to provide a service dog that will assist our client to overcome the limitations imposed by their disability. We are able to train service dogs to perform a range of tasks. Examples include alerting the hearing impaired, pulling a wheelchair, aiding in dressing/undressing, carrying or retrieving items and assistance with balance.
Dogs of any breed and mixed breeds are capable of becoming service dogs. We train each dog in tasks tailored to the individual they will assist. Sirius K9 will help you train your dog or find a suitable dog for your needs or wants. The training program of each service dog is individually designed to address the unique needs of the owner/handler. After the training program, not only will the dog be able to perform specific tasks but the dog will also behave appropriately in public situations.

Contact us today to find out more about our Service Dog Training Program and lets get started!

Protection K9 Training

Sirius K9 passionately believes that dogs who have had advanced training are one of the best home and family protection options available. Our trained personal protection dogs are well mannered, social and neutral with people unless presented with a threat or alerted on command. Sirius protection K9 will complete a full off-leash training program, giving them solid obedience training and control work. Sirius K9 is able to provide you with a personal protection dog, or if your dog is suitable for performing protection work, if requested we will train your dog. An evaluation is required to assess whether or not your dog is suitable to perform protection work. Not every dog is capable of being a good personal protection dog. For a dog to effectively perform protection work, the dog must possess the proper drive, nerve, and stability.

Contact us today to find out more about how our personal protection dog training works and get started. 

Police K9 Services
Sirius K9 is well equipped to act as an impartial, independent party to evaluations and assessments.
We offer confidential K9 team evaluations and training for law enforcement agencies. We will develop training sessions to improve productivity of K9 teams. Our expertise’s are in K9 detection, tracking, protection, and obedience/control. We will provide single training sessions or packages of regular maintenance training from a professional trainer. Sirius K9 can come to you to assist with any K9 needs.  We train both sides – the handler and the K9.