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Marina is originally from Spain. She has lived in Florida, the US Virgin Islands, and Washington State. She speaks three languages: Spanish, Catalan and English. 

Marina has always had a passion for animals. After she moved to Florida, she completed an A.A.S in Veterinarian Technology, at St. Petersburg College. While Marina was working as a veterinarian technician, she discovered the fascinating world of canine behavior. Marina volunteered for many years at Canine College giving group classes and helping dogs with behavior problems. Through Marina’s life, working at animal clinics, shelters, and canine training facilities, she has worked with “last chance” dogs, those animals with some of the most extreme cases of shyness and aggression. With appropriate training techniques, she provided the dogs and their owners an opportunity for a life they never thought could happen. During the time Marina lived in Florida she owned “One Lucky Dog”, specializing in training and modification of dog behavior.  In addition, she offered her time and experience to train service dogs for people with disabilities.

Marina likes using her knowledge and experience to train dogs for a purpose. While living in Florida, Marina had the opportunity to attend Tarheel Canine Training, Inc, a nationally recognized police K9 training facility. Marina went through extensive training with Jeff Riccio (Riptide K9), Janet Dooley (Stateline Canine), and Jerry Bradshaw. Though them she became certified as a Police K9 instructor.  She obtained her human reminds and narcotic detection k9 certifications with a National Tactical Police Dog Association (NTPDA) evaluator. After finishing her training at Tarheel Canine, Marina decided to go back to college. She got her A.A.A.S degree in Criminal Justice in 2015. 

While living in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, she became a member of the St. Croix Rescue and a K9 team commander. During the time she was involved in search and rescue, she obtained certifications from the Federal Emergency Management Agency: FEMA. When Marina moved to Washington State, she became involved with Washington Explorer Search and Rescue (SAR) (Kitsap Unit) with her two search and rescue K9’s. Since 2013 Marina has been a volunteer at the Mukilteo Police Department.

For more than a year, Marina has been a trainer and Explosive K9 handler for K2 Solutions, Inc.

She is the proud owner of Sirius k9 LLC, continuing her specialized training of dogs and their humans. 



Private Training

Our private lessons are a very hand on training program for the dedicated dog owner. We will determine if private lessons are a good fit for you during our free evaluation consultation. Our private one on one visits include weekly trips to our facility, or in some cases, your home. Our trainers will go over proper instruction of all commands included in the program, it will be up to the dog owner to practice and maintain the training throughout the week in between visits. The trainer will evaluate the dog’s progress at each visit and assist in correcting any problems the owner may be experiencing. Additional lessons may be purchased if needed once the package duration ends.


Lodge & Learn: In Board training 

At Sirius K9, we bring your dog into our home and work on real life skills. Marina focuses on teaching house manners, proper social behaviors and applying the formal obedience skills to everyday life. Marina will also install the verbal markers system and she will focus on having intense formal obedience breakout sessions throughout the day.

This program is ideal for dogs that: 

  • Pull on leash

  • Jump on people

  • Are uncontrolled and excited dogs

  • Are counter surfing

  • Exhibit playful nipping

  • Run away

  • Bolt through doors

  • Never come when called

  • Generally, don’t listen


Service Dog Training

Sirius K9 understands the important bond between humans and dogs. We train service dogs to perform a range of tasks for people with disabilities. Examples of tasks include alerting deaf individuals, pulling a wheelchair, aiding in dressing/undressing, carrying or retrieving items, help with balance, and many other duties. Sirius K9 believes that individuals with disabilities should remain as independent as possible. Our trained Service Dogs assist people to overcome the limitations caused by their disability and increase their independence and freedom.

Dogs of any breed or mix of breeds are capable of becoming service dogs. We train each dog in tasks tailored to the individual they will assist. Sirius K9 can help you train your dog or find a suitable dog for your needs or wants. The training program of each service dog is individual designed to address the unique needs of the handler. After the training program, not only will the dog be able to perform specific tasks, but the dog will also behave appropriately in every type of public situation.

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Lodge & Learn Programs

In  Board Training Prices


2 weeks Longe and Learn

This is our on-leash foundation training course. Dog will reliably perform the following commands while on- leash, this is perfect for those who want functional, reliable obedience and control over their dog, even under distractions.

  • Sit-stay

  • Down-stay (minimum of 15 minutes) 

  • Come

  • Heel

  • Off, “no jumping” 

  • Leave it 

  • Wait

Price: $1,600

4 Weeks Lodge & Learn

This is our foundation training course PLUS an off leash recall. At the end of this course your dog will do the following on leash with the addition of an OFF-LEASH RECALL

  • Sit-stay

  • Down-stay (minimum of 15 minutes)

  • Place (bed or rug for minimum of 15 minutes)

  • Come when called On or Off leash

  • Heel at your side, sitting automatically when you stop

  • Leave it

  • Wait

  • Off, “no jumping” 

Price: $2,900

5 Weeks Lodge & Learn

This is our ULTIMATE training package. Your dog will receive the same foundation as our 2- and 4-week courses but with the addition of more extensive training through numerous contexts and distractions with off leash control. At the end of this course your dog will understand how to do the following on or off leash

  • Sit-stay

  • Down-stay (minimum of 30 minutes)

  • Place (bed or rug for minimum of 30 minutes)

  • Come when called On or Off leash

  • Heel at your side, sitting automatically when you stop

  • Leave it

  • Wait

  • Off, “no jumping” 

  • And more

Price: $3500

Individual Programs

Severe behavior modification will require an individualized program. Behavior problems we deal with are;

  • Separation anxiety

  • Nervous, fearful

  • Crate training

  • Growling at people & dogs

  • Resource guarding foods & toys

  • Attacking dogs

  • Lunging at dogs

  • Lunging at people

  • Killing small animals

  • Destruction of your home

  • Nipping, snapping, biting people or dogs



This letter comes with the highest recommendation for Marina Casennelles.  I have had the opportunity in having her train our dog for my Family. She spent time with him (Noah) as he was a Rescue Dog and needed a lot of care. I did not have the time ,nor the expertise to do this type of work. We can't thank her enough for the amazing job she did. She is an Expert in her Field . And, our expectations far surpassed anything I had even anticipated when Noah came home. I have also observed her training other dogs as well. I like to think of her as the "Dog Whisperer".

 I recommend Marina to all our Family and Friends to have their dogs trained .You will not be disappointed.

Julie Smith

Julie Smith


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